Blender and Zbrush.





Based on a sketch by FightPunch. Blender and ZBrush, rendered in cycles.



A quick doodle, made as part an upcoming workshop I’ll be doing at Campus Party London soon.


New Theme

To celebrate that Mountain of Minutes has seen a few more posts recently I’ve changed the theme to put more focus on the images. Hope you like!


So glad this thing has been resuscitated! Little while ago I built a game ready Charlton Automatic Rifle to practice my hardsurface workflow. The Charlton AR is kind of odd looking because it’s a Lee-Metford rifle converted from bolt action to automatic. Primary HP and LP modeling done in Blender (HP shots were rendered in Cycles), baking in xNormal, texturing in Photoshop and dDo. The rifle is modeled to be fully animated and has movable bolt, trigger, sight, and bipod as well as removable magazine and rounds. The mesh is 16,000 triangles, and has 2048 diffuse, specular, gloss, and normal maps. Rendered in Marmoset.

This last one’s pretty high-res:



Initial sculpt in blender with Dyntopo, high-poly sculpt in zbrush.

Dyntopo/Trim Brush Test

Long time no post! This is just a sculpt I did as a quick test of the new dyntopo tools and a sculpting brush I came up with that works rather nicely for refining planes early on in a sculpt. I also slapped a new cycles SSS material on it.