Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!

Hi everyone!

Finally got around writing my first post in here.

I usually do quick concept sculpts like the one above, so, that’s probably what I’ll be able to add to the blog. I’ll try to keep the noise to a minimum, though; and, perhaps, this will encourage me to do more ‘finished’ pieces.

I’ve got some people asking for a rendering tutorial last few months over at facebook, but my render setup is really simple and I don’t think there’s much to explain in a tutorial, so, I’m sharing my studio setup instead.

Download 20,5MB

There’s a slight older version of the scene at my blog here. The new one has three lamps instead of the one light the other has, the same material and character you can see in the image in this post, and the same environment map used in the previous version of the scene.

Speaking of the environment map, I’ve included this one because it is Creative Commons licensed, but, make sure to check the maps by Keith Bruns over at unparent.com, they’re awesome!


So…that about wraps it up!

Sorry for the long post guys.

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