Trying ZBrush 4 with Ubuntu

I’ve wanted to try this base mesh for a while now:

Luckily for me, pointpusher has been kind enough to share it at zbrushcentral.

The file is a .ztl. and that means using ZBrush to export the file to .obj so it can be imported into Blender.

It’s been a long time since last time I used ZBrush. Installing with Wine has been flawless, and that got me curious about performance, so I’ve given it a go.

The UI feels a bit alien, but I guess time and some tutorials may solve that. Having the navigation and sculpting rely so much on the Alt key is a bit uncomfortable for me due to my desktop setup, but moving the keyboard around might help.

Sculpting-wise, the experience has been a pleasure. Clay brushes are great and pressure sensitivity seems to be more precise than with Blender. I don’t know if there’s any settings I could try to make the behaviour closer.

And, here’s the result:


This entry was posted by Roberto Roch.

4 thoughts on “Trying ZBrush 4 with Ubuntu

  1. Thanks!

    This basemesh is awesome!

    I had some trouble loading the .obj with 2.58, so here’s a .blend:

    If you still want the .obj I’ll try exporting again. Also, there’s only the bust mesh, I had some random can’t access network problems with activation and I haven’t been able to export the other pieces.

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