Fat Batman

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6 thoughts on “Fat Batman

  1. Dude, you’re on fire! great stuff.

    It’s really cool these days’s that it’s getting harder and harder to tell whether a sculpt was done in ZB or blender. Blender’s tools are really getting better I think.

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah, one of the reasons behind trying these meshes I’ve seen people use in other packages was to see how well they played with Blender and how much did the results differ.

    I couldn’t try Mudbox because it did not install with Wine, so I don’t know about it. Zbrush was very pleasant to use, the brushes are very polished.
    Blender feels a bit more tiresome too sculpt with, but, with a more convenient (for me) scene navigation.

    Blender sculpting tools have got a lot of love since 2.5, it’s been really a pleasure to follow the development and makes me very happy to see where they are now.

  3. Nice batman and great video.
    So, blender sculpting. I never felt comfortable in 2.5x, who knows why. Are there any shortcuts for fast selecting tools? Especially the smooth tool?

    You have to try sculptris but not under wine. Especially now, having in blender great and easy to use retopo tools. It’s these glorious Sc brushes that make the difference.

  4. @Michalis: There are shortcuts for the sculpting tools, by default:

    c = clay
    d = standard
    g = grab
    i = inflate
    s = smooth
    p = pinch

    That’s an nice UI theme by the way roberto. Where did you get it?

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