from sculptris beta testing

Sculptris to zbrush with some help from blender, hair imported in zbrush as quad mesh from blender particles.

And a cycles render

And a portrait I’m working on. A friend.

A sculptris mesh rendered in BPR (zb) Shirt in blender from an older post, glasses in blender too.

about BPR (zbrush) render, I don't use AO, just shadows.
here's how, almost in real time.

Some more work on this guy. 
Retopology, UVs, and details, texturing in zbrush. Going for cycles of course 
Here a BPR render, still fixing problems. 
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6 thoughts on “from sculptris beta testing

  1. Welcome Michalis!

    The woman is amazing. Skin texture on the face is very realistic. Hair looks really great, how many particles/polys ?

    Loving the moody lighting too 🙂

    Your friend’s going well too. I like how you did the hair.

  2. Thanks Roberto
    No skin texture on the old woman yet, just some hi frequency sculpting in zbrush. It’s a sculptris mesh, used fast ‘fake’ retopo (we’ll talk about this method soon)
    About hair, here a kind of tut (I used blender 2.49 for a last time LOL ). I exported ~300k obj, duplicated a few times in zb, mirrored, I think around 1.5M all of it. Zb has no problems because you can have 3-4 layers-tools and go for a lot of poly.
    Move-grab and smooth brush then.

    Sculptris became my favorite app, better than voxels 3dc and zbrush – stretching. A real instrument for artists.

  3. Welcome to the blog Michalis! And what an entrance, great sculpting, and as Roberto says the lighting is spot on.

  4. Thanks for the link Michalis.

    I knew it was no texture, I just find sculpting that kind of detail very close to texturing.

    Is that fake retopo something like decimation in sculptris?

  5. Exactly so. Decimate as possible and reproject in zbrush. Or shrinkwrap in blender (similar). This way you have a multi res mesh in blender.

    The best way though is using decimation master of Zb. In extreme settings. My first successful tries were using sculptris decimation though. Decimated even more, manually. The goal is to have a ~3-6k mesh. Less is more LOL

    See here, how this method worked exporting to blender-cycles.

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