Zbrush trial day 2

Decided that, since I got Zbrush for a month now, I might as well learn how to use it…

This entry was posted by Roberto Roch.

3 thoughts on “Zbrush trial day 2

  1. Try upping the shadow settings if you’re using BPR render, the base settings are pretty useless. Turn the rays up to 60 or so, the angle to between 5 and 20, and play with the l-depth and v-depth and you can get some much nicer shadows.

  2. To use a matcap (prebaked sphere, normal to cameraprojection, for blender users) isn’t the best choice for BPR. Start with simple grey default material, bottom row, first one.
    To have precise shadows (because you can’t have them really LOL), better use a fast solution. See my thread here. Excellent for previewing before exporting to a decent renderer.

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