WIP stylistic rhinocerus

Some influence from Dürer’s drawings, trying to make it look as a hardsurface modeling as possible

Some progress

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2 thoughts on “WIP stylistic rhinocerus

  1. Thanks ben, BPR Zbrush. It’s a wip anyway, going for cycles in the end.
    A sculptris project so far, though blocked in 3dcoat voxels. New 3dc builds export a very nice tri mesh, especially after the implementation of liveclay ( Farsthary ). I’m wondering if we ever seen his work in blender. It looks very promising. Not nice tools so far but great performance at 8 million tris. 8 M! on dynamic tessellation! Can you guess how dense and crisp a mesh looks like… You need more than 40 M evenly quad subdivisions to have the equivalent.
    Meanwhile, pixo ir ready to launch dynamesh. Nothing too special IMO, as it’s an automated remesher, it looks like. Fireworks.

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