Sculpted in zbrush, BPR render composited in Blender.

This entry was posted by Ben Simonds.

6 thoughts on “Batty

  1. great improvement ben
    and great, clean sculpting anyway.
    I suggest you to retopo and export to blender-cycles (at~50-150 k faces) and from this subdivision stage, bake displacements and use them as bumps in cycles. If using some matcap, bring this in blender too.

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  3. Outstanding! In all honesty, just use decimation master to get it into Blender if you aren’t up for a retopo. It’s easy to unwrap and bake from there. Really impressed with your recent suff 🙂

  4. Thanks dudes! He’s sort of a concept for something I’m working on at the moment. So it might be a while before you see him again though.

  5. Great stuff man!, really digging the character design, the ears are awesome haha.
    I want to try get my sculpts through blender. Also want to try incorporate blenders fluids somehow into an image.
    Keep up the great work.

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