my first zb4 r2 try

doodling and learning, quick sculpting in 20 mins or so. Dynamesh at 200k and then at 800k
What impresses me is this spontaneous way to convert all the mess using claytubes to a smoother healthy surface. And most of all this incredible new renderer and shaders, lights. Can the tremendous cycles or other sophisticated renderers do it in seconds?

Here another try with dynamesh and the bew zb4r2 renderer. A tricky renderer, more difficult to tune it than cycles. lol

Another dynamesh test.

It’s a very powerful remesher, it’s easy to import any problematic obj from libraries and melt everything down. Then build clay on top of it. A new way for digital sculpting, a new kind of base meshes. It’s a bit insane but very creative, at least for me. I use the free sketchup, a free obj exporter and the whole google 3dWareHouse shared library.

This made in 15 mins, just testing but lot of fun.




Another dynamesh doodle, BPR render, it’s the perfect sketching tool for me.

But, only sadness these days. A bit of anger coming up, slowly. God help us all.

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3 thoughts on “my first zb4 r2 try

  1. Nice. Have you tried adding geometry with the new insert mesh/curve brushes and then remeshing it back into one mesh? Works really nicely I think.

    It speaks to the quality of pixo’s brushes too, whilst the dynamesh topology is pretty good, it’d still be a pain to work with without ZB’s brushes.

  2. Thanks, Ben, Roberto
    There’re many approaches on remeshing, many ways to skin a cat LOL.
    ZB is a winner now, exactly because of the great sculpting tools. Tools is well organized from people that understand the needs of an artist.
    sculptris is a small app with a simple yet well organized toolset. And this is all. 3DCoat is more a more advanced app in many ways but the tools aren’t great. I simply can’t use them. Same in blender, though here the tools aren’t as bad, performance is my problem.

    We can sculpt using any app of these. The question is what we expect from this. If a conceptual clean design exists already, then a box modeling / subs / sculpting / painting UVs / baking method is OK.
    But I’m dreaming a more unpredictable working progress, more spontaneous, more direct. It’s great to be able to sculpt on nice preview materials for instance.
    A portrait: if this gonna be a realistic one (skin, particles sss etc) then should be rather smooth and let texture painting to do the trick.
    If a marble or bronze like, then it’s quite different. Likeness? Here the artist has to think a lot, to achieve stylistic solutions etc. Likeness will not be easy.
    Digital sculpting will change the way we think and feel, I guess so.
    It won’t remain just a tool for animators or illustrations. And Zb is the leader now.
    Just my thoughts of course.

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