final edited with Gimp

original Blender screenshot






final edited with Gimp

original Blender screenshot



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4 thoughts on “remesh

  1. Excellent! The render of that first sculpt looks fantastic, really well lit and composed. Is it cycles? I’d love to see the light/comp setup for it.

  2. Michalis, Remesh modifier is another project of Nicholas Bishop, like skin modifier and Ptex integration. I’ve only found a 2.57 build on graphicall for linux, and a few for windows.

    It’d be cool if the patches work with current trunk.

    Remesh has several subdivision levels, working with 4-6 is nice for sculpting but not much resolution, later on you can sculpt and subdivide with multires and remesh again if you want to keep resolution consistent.

    The second mesh only has about 300k faces in the end, I think I could remesh one more time and go for a few millions sculpt then bake from multires.

    For adding pieces, lower levels work better, also try to integrate them with sculpting, remesh produces holes very easily when adding geometry.

    That is Nicholas’ site with the patches, if you can, or can get someone to do a build for you. It be cool if you guys that use zbrush can test this.

    Workflow-wise I assume is way worse than zbrush, but results seem to be quite cool.

    Don’t forget to also try skin modifier!

    I have to keep testing this.

    Ben, those are just screenshots with some editing in Gimp.

    For the first one I used this matcap Jeepster gave to me:

    You guys have to try it. It’s the first skin matcap I find that I like, both for showing the mesh and sculpting.

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