Head Planes

Doing some sculpting in blender for once  (well 99.9% of it anyway, just a quick polish in zbrush to finish off). Some study of the planes of the head.

EDIT: Hipster edition.

DOUBLE EDIT: Invisible Hipster Edition

This entry was posted by Ben Simonds.

5 thoughts on “Head Planes

  1. haha, I laughed.

    but on a more serious note, concerning that first one, would you ever consider putting up a few different angles or a turn-around or something? A bunch of painters/artists would probably find it really helpful.

  2. I really like the simplicity and strength of what you’ve done. I’ve been looking for something in CAD like this so I can mill it out of foam at about 4′ tall to put in my living room. I’ve tried the link above for the obj, but it errors. Is there any way you can share the CAD in an igs, stp, obj, or stl type file…???? gary.core@comcast.net

  3. Hey fella, only just found this, like the guy above me I would be keen to get hold of the .obj file that used to be hosted via that dropbox link. Thanks heaps.

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