Snail Sculpt

Been a while since I’ve posted. Fairly quick snail sculpt/retopo/bake. Would not recommend folks trying helices if they can be avoided 😀

2736 tris, 3×1024^2 maps. Really, these could be at 512^2 easy. Rendered in Marmoset.

This entry was posted by Brandon Phoenix.

5 thoughts on “Snail Sculpt

  1. That’s nice!
    Zbrush? It looks like.
    Helices LOL, I can feel your pain. Especially when re topo. Heads-capitals on columns are even worse (ionic order)

    I’m still not convinced on how normal maps bumps look like. In some areas under certain lighting they look reversed somehow. It isn’t your fault. UV seams are invisible though, that’s good.

  2. I just used xNormal. Typically it works like a charm if I bring in the transfer maps envelope from Maya, or the cage from Max, or do a shrinkwrap–>Keep Above Surface modifier in Blender. xNormal has pretty nice occlusion too, though I still prefer Blender’s occlusion. I wish Blender would completely fix it’s normal baking (and add support for AA and cages), because I really do like it, but it’s broken in every other program.

  3. I gave up messing with blender normal maps support. Baking especially. But I still use it for making AO or some other interesting tricks.
    I bake nor maps / displacements in 3dcoat or zbrush.

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