Studies on Michelangelo’s drawings

Voxels (3dcoat) and Dynamesh + rendering (Zbrush)
Here, anatomy is used for organizing what I see on these great drawings. Didn’t help much though.
Michelangelo is interested in composition mostly, how anatomical charts can help on these crazy poses… it’s a matter of discussion.

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5 thoughts on “Studies on Michelangelo’s drawings

  1. Hi Michalisz.
    Thank you for sharing your work. I am very impressed with your sculpting ability. Great work!
    If you dont mind I would like to ask you a question:
    I am a sculptor using “traditonal” methods (clay, plaster, bronze etc.). (Please see web.:
    I have been looking into implementing digital software, using it as yet another sculpting tool in my working process. But I dont know how to go about it.
    Eventually I would like to be able to sculpt in 3-D and produce these objects via laser cutting technology.
    What is your take on that? Is it possible and what kind of software is most suited for this kind of approach? I have seen some interesting work done with Mudbox and I see you have been using Zbrush among other software.

    I appreciate you response.

    Thank you very much.
    The absolute beginner

    • Hi Peter
      Great sculpting on your site! I’m impressed.

      Zbrush is the app you’re asking. Zbrush only.
      MB is great for digital 3d painting textures, but lacks of dynamic tessellation.
      Meaning that Zbrush adds geometry as you sculpting (dynamesh). MB as older zbrush heavily depends on basic topology and the workflow includes re-topology etc.
      For CNC or 3d printing mashines ZBrush has a fantastic Decimator for exporting.
      Have a look on zbrushcentral
      I’m not really a fun of this art but it’s the workflow you’re asking.
      Here my thread on zbrushcentral. Doodling all the time. LOL As you, I’m also a traditional artist-painter, digital sculpting is a great toy for me, an opportunity to study drawing, sculpting etc.

      In my opinion, buy zbrush. Feel free to ask me for as much help as you like. You gonna need it. It’s a unique, great application. With great support and rapid development. Among its features is that ZB runs on any machine smoothly. It doesn’t ask for expensive hardware. MB, 3dcoat unfortunately does.
      Think about it, meanwhile, download the Excellent Free Sculptris and start engaging digital sculpting on dynamic tessellation.

      • Michalisz,
        Thanks for quick and claryfying response! Finally someone who knows what they are talking about and dare to have an opinion. Thats a rarity these days:) I appreciate.

        Nice that I can use ZB on my MacBook, (thought I had to invest a smaller fortune).

        Great to know about the main difference between ZB and MB; geometry versus painterly texture. Its the geometry of objects/figures that has my specific interest. And the ability to export for 3-D printing which is ultimately the goal.

        I will definetively look into ZB. Its new to me and very exciting. Cant wait!!! I am happy I stumbled over your site.

        By the way: Did you take any classes to begin with (online tutorials maybe) or did you just go ahead and learn by practicing?

        Thanks again.

      • Thanks Peter.
        No classes, though there’re some excellent pdf books or other stuff around. If you gonna purchase Zb you’ll probably face some difficulties with the UI. However it’s a very clever and effective one.
        Consider to engage the blender thing too. As it’s freeware but a very powerful one. You may need it, this and Z are a very powerful combination.
        So, a macbook (I’m a macuser too on macpro and older macbook pro 17). Zb will run fine. Don’t try MB or 3DCoat on this. I suppose you already have a wacom, yes? If not, some money here, the bamboo wide is ~100 euros I think and it’s fine.
        Cheers, waiting to see your tests and artwork in zbrushcentral soon. A highly competitive, technically speaking forum.

      • Michalisz,
        No I dont have Wacom (as far as I know. I am googling the terminology as I go along, which by the way is very educational, thank you).

        I will purchase the Bamboo Create to enhance my UI:)
        As well as the Blender.

        Yes, that is what I realized that in order to use MB and 3DCoat you need additional hardware (windows xp).

        Thanks, I am looking forward joining the forum.
        However, I am kind of a slow-fox dancer, so please have a little patience with me:)


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