Santa is coming to town

Who was the creator of this sweet stabilized christmas figure of st nicolas? Long before cocacola at thirties, long before 1906 first fat st nicolas in red…
Sculptris for the face, zbrush for the rest + rendering. Background in 3dcoat. Combined and postpro in Ps. ~5 hours lot of fun.
hello earth people, santa claus is coming to town ding dong.
For a funny challenge in sculptris forum (santa was an alien)

Here, a first test on experimental volumetric cycles shader.

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3 thoughts on “Santa is coming to town

  1. hehe, love the concept, santa’s mask looks great. You got those kind of old guy heads mastered.

    How did you do the alien body? Did you use curves then ‘dynameshed’ them to your base or is it just sculpting?

  2. hey thanks Roberto
    The alien body, I started in scculptis, just some fast ideas. Then, in zbrush, dynamesh/cut the element I liked, multiplied it. Some more random sculpting then. Easy and fast.
    Just to have fun. For a more appropriate mesh for animating baking UV etc, well… LOL. Better reconstruct something similar from scratch. It’s more reasonable than trying to re topo this.
    A good idea could be to retopo the basic element and multiply / arrays/merge vertices in blender. See screenshot.

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