More remesh fun

Used a build from


This entry was posted by Roberto Roch.

5 thoughts on “More remesh fun

  1. very nice,
    the second creature is more interesting as a presentation of remesh mod.
    43210 is the build I have and guess, I can’t find the remesher. It was on the one week ago build… what’s happening?

    • Of course itโ€™s not sculptris or zbrush!

      But it works for me, this and skin modifier are a great combo.

      The great thing about this is that Iโ€™m getting the same amount of detail with 200k-300k polys that I could get before with 1 million, plus, evenly distributed along the whole mesh.

  2. Of course.
    Roberto. You’re a fine sculptor, a 3d sculptor anyway.
    You deserve a better app. Think about it. Blender sculpt is ok, I still do some tests there, mostly because I love this app. But… think otherwise.

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