fibermesh zbrush

Just a study on fibers and rocks. ~1 hours. A zbrush render. Though the rock is retopo already and fibers can be exported.


Adding another one

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5 thoughts on “fibermesh zbrush

  1. About 1M for all the grasses. But you really don’t need to export all of them. The low dry grass is about 800k and can be easily reconstructed as particles. So, about 200k,
    There’s a nice trick to export just the splines. It’s more interesting.

    If we’re talking about blender/cycles, the new zb fibers implementation is the only way at this moment. Particles hair of blender have to be converted to meshes, well, this is not good. For the moment.

  2. I just added another experiment on fibermesh Zbrush.
    This foliage counts ~40 K, has UVs and can be imported to any app.
    Rendered in BPR though, zbrush still surprises me sometimes. It takes ~10 seconds to render. I wonder.

  3. That new one is fantastic. Love the lighting. I haven’t had a chance to download the new version yet, looking forward to it.

  4. Hi! I love your first and second zbrush rock so much! I’m in the process of trying to learn how to sculpt out realistic rocks and mountain pieces in zbrush. It will be awesome if you can please give some tips on how you did that rock sculpt! Like how to block out the initial forms and how to detail the rock up! Thank you!

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