Anatomy Practice

Still, WIP, but it’s been so long since I posted anything around here that I thought I’d put it up:

This entry was posted by Ben Simonds.

4 thoughts on “Anatomy Practice

  1. Hello Ben,

    erm.. i know this is off topic.. i have seen several of your Blender sculpting videos (impressive stuff btw.) and i would really like to know how you make the sculpt brush follow the surface in Blender (i.e. like it does in Sculptris)? I have searched many many places but with no result.

    Thank you very much, Jan.

    • Do you mean having the circle for the brush follow the shape of the surface, if so I think that’s currently in development. If you mean having a brush texture align to your stroke direction, set the Angle setting to rake in the texture panel of the Tool Shelf.

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